Integrity of Whole Creation in Christ

Bible portion:  Psalms 104:1-35

Verse:V24 “How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all, the earth is full of your creatures”.

This Psalm expresses God’s magnificence, the splendor of His creation, His intellect and supernatural wisdom, these pillars reveal the deep care and the love He has for His creations and the intricate way He takes care of every need of His Creation. The beginning part of this Psalm, details the wonderful ways He created this universe for us. Every part of this earth appears to know exactly what their duties and limitations are- the heavens, the clouds, winds, waters, and mountains, all know how to obey our Creator. Even the animals and birds follow their natural instincts and obey the laws of nature and know exactly that the One who created them will also provide for them. The reading calls our attention to the timing of everything wonderfully put together by our Creator referring that the Sun and Moon need not be told when to bring darkness in, when to bring light and bring the different seasons as also wild animals and birds when to go looking for the food their Creator has provided for them and when to rest. His works are beyond our comprehension and understanding! His wisdom is far more than we can ever imagine! Our knowledge is finite while His is infinite! This is the Creator who loves us; this is the God we serve. This Psalm teaches us to be ever grateful to this Sovereign God who is in control of our lives and takes care of all our needs, at the right time. We just need to trust Him and be obedient and surrender our lives to His will like all the other creations of God does. We need to praise God in our good and bad times.
Dear God, we are so thankful for your love, care and provision for us. You made this beautiful universe for us to enjoy every part of it. Grant us wisdom to take care of your creations, praise you and glorify your name with whatever we do. Help us to be a blessing to others. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Thought for the Day: Surrendering our lives to our Sovereign God.

 Jessy Thomas
Phoenix MarThoma Church
Phoenix AZ