Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Psalm 95:1

The Detroit Marthoma church Malayalam & English choirs play an important role by leading the congregation during Sunday worship services. Choirs also assists during Passion Week services, parish convention and Christmas carol service. Each year we separate one Sunday and celebrate it as choir Sunday. During this special service all the choir members are rededicated. We have a total of about 60 members in the choir. New members are added to the choir after voice test.

Both choirs conduct regular practices or warm up sessions before Sunday worship service. Songs are selected based on the lectionary by the choir leaders. The choir has extra practices for choir festival and Christmas carol services. Detroit Marthoma church English and Malayalam choirs regularly partake in the Marthoma choir festival. Our choirs also participate in the ecumenical Christmas carol service held every year and present beautiful carols.

As a choir, we are thankful to our Lord God Almighty for giving us the opportunity to serve Him and the church through the music ministry. We thank our current vicar, Rev. Jogy O. Philip and Kochamma for their support and encouragement. We recognize and thank our choir leaders Mr. Philip Varghese, Miss. Leena George and assistant choir leaders, Mrs. Sansu Mathai and Mr. Jeffery Philip for their leadership, dedication and patience to teach the choirs songs. We thank all the instrument players for making the voices come alive by accompanying the choirs. We are blessed to have a group of dedicated members and thank each and every one for their commitment towards the choir. May God continue to use our choir for HIS glory.