Mother’s Day

Luke 1:46-48
Verse of Focus:  For he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed,   – Luke 1:48 

The dictionary defines a miracle roughly as an extraordinary event that defies possible thinking and immense odds. When we think about the gift of life, can we comprehend the processes at hand? Two microscopic gametes come together to develop into a complex being capable of thought and self-sufficiency, yet at one point is a fragile, naked to the human eye, speck. As we read the passage for today, we see the physician and disciple of Jesus, Luke, annotate the story of Mary’s response to news of the incomprehensible miracle of life in conceiving the future Messiah.

The context of the devotion lies in the gospel of Luke. Luke denotes the story of the origin of Jesus and the preceding prophet, John the Baptist. Mary’s story and response parallels her cousin Elizabeth, who was old and barren. Yet God blesses Elizabeth with a son and her husband, the priest Zechariah, however is unbelieving of it and punished. Mary in contrast is a young virgin betrothed to be married who also receives news of an unlikely birth. Her news is that she would be pregnant with the future Messiah conceived by the Holy Spirit. Though initially fearful she accepts it with the passage focusing on her response.
For any woman in that time, a pregnancy while not betrothed could lead to death and shunning. Mary rejoices at the news and accepts the will of God as told by the angel. How would we receive unexpected news like this that wrecks our potential plans? She has her whole life ahead of her and risks many things at the cost of the miracle. How many would let this news fill us with pride? Mary’s response is one of humility and acknowledgement of God’s favor upon her. Even she would never understand the gravity of the legacy of her son, yet she responds in previous verses, may the will of God be done. Sadly, her cousin-in-law’s doubt is more glaring especially since he was a priest. May we be like Mary who in the midst of uncertainty and immense responsibility, accepts the will of God and points back the glory to God with joy.
I’d be remiss to not acknowledge all those who are mothers, are the role of a mother, and hopeful mothers. This devotion falls on Mother’s Day and it is a day of celebration and gratitude for many. Mothers are not defined by blood and I remain thankful to those who have invested in me as well as challenged me to care for others in their example. I also know this day can be a day of heartbreak, immense loss, or what never was, but I pray the Lord meets you where you are and comforts you. May your story and gifts be used to bless others and glorify God as Mary did. May you be blessed. 
Heavenly Father, we praise you that you bless us with that which we do not deserve and withhold punishment we do. Help us to remain grateful to you for life and the life given to us by your Son. On this day we thank you for all who are mothers, and fulfill the role of one. Please be with those who grieve on this day as well; may they be comforted. In your name we pray, Amen.
Thought for the Day
Behind every great person there is always the guidance and prayers of a mother .
How has a mother or mother figure played a role in your life that greatly impacted you? How can you pay that forward in gratitude?

Arun Chacko
The Mar Thoma Church Staten Island.