Announcements – March 28, 2021


  • Circulars 13

Worship Services

  • Next Sunday – April 4
    • Holy Qurbana Service in Malayalam at 10:15 am (Live Streaming) – Easter Sunday
    • Sunday School – morning session at 9 AM

100 members are now allowed to attend the worship service and/or partake in the Holy Qurbana in person. Those who wish to attend in person, please register online and sign the waiver by Saturday morning:

Online Payments through PayPal

  • Please note that if you choose to send in your contribution through PayPal, please choose “Sending to Family & Friends” option. Otherwise there is 3% fee that will be taken out of your contribution by PayPal. The church will not receive the full amount contributed.

Online Weekly Prayers

  • Fasting prayer this Friday is cancelled

Passion Week Services

  • Sandhya Namaskaram (via Zoom) – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 7 PM
  • Maundy Thursday Service : April 1st, Holy Qurbana in English at 7 PM (Live Streaming)
  • Good Friday Service on April 2nd at 9 AM – 1st & 3rd service in Malayalam, 2nd service in English (Live Streaming)

Please remit your Recessa ($2.00 per communicant member), Self-Denial (Uposhanavarom), Vaideeka Seminary contributions and Good-Friday offerings.

100 members are now allowed to attend the service in person. Those who wish to attend in person, please register online and sign the waiver by Saturday morning:

Diocesan MTVEA Prayer

  • Marthoma Voluntary Evangelist’s Association – Diocese of North America and Europe conducting Monthly Prayer Meeting via Zoom on April 5th, Monday 2021 at 8.30 pm EST. Rev. ARUN SAMUEL VARGHESE (Horeb MTC, Los Angeles) will give the message.

    Meeting ID: 872 4274 0053       Password: 101010

Senior Fellowship

  • Senior Fellowship is planning to take a group picture of the senior fellowship members on Saturday, April 10th at 11.30 am at the Church for the dedication Souvenir. All senior fellowship members are requested to come and participate in this group picture.

DMTC Souvenir – 2021

  • We are inviting members aged 14 years and above to reflect on the theme “What role has Detroit Mar Thoma church played in influencing your life”. Reflect on your personal experiences and faith journey in no more than 250 words. Please E-mail your responses to by Tuesday, April 6, 2021. The reflections can be in English or Malayalam. All selected entries will be published in the Church Souvenir.
  • Our goal is to collect $80,000, as of today we are able to collect 79% of our goal. Church member’s contribution is 67% and non-members contribution is 33%. We appreciate the over whelming support of all our church families.  All those who did not reserve their compliment in the DMTC Souvenir, please contact Souvenir committee convener Mr. C. V. Samuel (586) 216-0602 or Joint convener Ms. Diana John (248) 635-9557 for more details (please see the attached brochure).

Souvenir Brochure

DMTC Expansion Project Update

It has been 8 months since we started the construction work and I am happy to report that we are getting very close to the finish. Our original time line was 6 to 9 months and we are hoping to finish within that timeline though we were hampered by the pandemic. We have almost completed 80% of the work and we are cruising to finish the rest of the work.

As the weather is improving, we are going to pick up the pace in finishing the rest of the work outside This coming week will be a busy week for the site as lots of things are scheduled.

    1. Most of the duct work has completed. HVAC unit for the expanded area will be installed this Monday. They will finish the HVAC installation and any of the remaining duct work this coming week
    2. Monday they are also planning to start the ceiling installation for the new area. We had a building inspection last week and got the OK to go ahead with the ceiling and dry wall
    3. Dry wall installation is scheduled to begin on Wed or Thursday as all of the side wall insulation has completed this week.
    4. Finished carpentry work is progressing well in the sanctuary. Decoration arch and cross beam for the existing sanctuary have completed. It looks beautiful. Carpenter already moved on to working on the main arch of the madhubaha. He is putting some additional time on Saturdays to finish the work faster.
    5. Concrete contractor is going to start some of the remaining work outside. You might have seen some new curb demolition and earth moving on the way inside today as they have started working on the water logging issue with the neighbor’s property and also with some of our sidewalks.
    6. Fire alarm contractors will be working this Monday and Tuesday to finish the rough low voltage wirings for the fire alarm.

We have started scheduling the end of the line trades like Curtain, carpet and audio video installations. We got most of the light fixtures on site and also got the word that the remaining lights will be here soon.

We are not posting many inside pictures on website and that is intentional. We want you to come and experience the inside work as more people can come and attend the service now. We are requesting you to continue praying for the successful completion of the project as we still have to cross many hurdles to start worshipping there.

As you already know, we have started preparing for the dedication of the new sanctuary by starting the souvenir work as it requires some lead time. Please support the souvenir team as they are doing excellent work in bringing a very beautiful keepsake souvenir and raising money for the church. Every dollar raised through that effort will be going against the building fund and will reduce our liability. If you haven’t got a compliment yet, please request one soon as I know you will regret not seeing your family picture.

Thanks again for all the support and prayers that we have received from you and I am hoping very soon we can start worshipping in the beautifully renovated new sanctuary and Madhubaha.


Vinod Thomas, General Convener

DMTC Expansion Project Sponsorship Update

  • Sponsorship Update: There are still more items that are available for sponsorship. We request individuals/group/Organization to sponsor some of the remaining items. For any further information, please contact church trustee Mr. George Koshy (248-615-1888). (Please see the attached brochure).

Detroit MTC Expansion 01


Thanks to Varghese Thomas Achen for celebrating today’s Holy Qurbana and for the message. Thanks to P. Chacko Achen, lay leader Mr. Justin Abraham, English Choir members for assisting in today’s service. Thanks to Ms. Christina Cherian, Mr. Sujeev Cherian, Mr. Thomas Abraham for assisting with live streaming and Ms. Malini Reji for helping as admission volunteer. Thank you all for participating today’s worship service. Have a blessed week.

DMTC Family wishes all our fellow members celebrating their Birthday & Wedding Anniversary this coming week; May the Almighty Lord bless each one of you and your family in the new year & years ahead.

Please uphold our near & dear ones who are sick and those grieving the loss of their loved ones.

Admin Update

If you are currently not receiving emails from the church or would like to update your email address, please notify us by sending it to Send your name and address in the email so that we can identify you properly. Please visit the church website